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Search Engine Optimization – SEO – encompasses the best practices to boost the visibility of your website. Search engine’s algorithms are built around keyword search, theses algorithms will deliver you the most accurate search results based on the keywords you typed in the search bar. A website built and maintained following good SEO practices will become more visible by internet users and, therefore, bring more leads and conversions. Optimizing your website for organic search is at the heart of most digital marketing strategies.

Pure Silver Creative’s development team has been creating websites for small business and franchisees for over 10 years with most of them ranking#1 in their local areas. Our experience in digital visibility can help your business acquire profitable traffic. We follow trends and consumers evolutions every day to make sure our clients’ websites are visible and attractive toanyone looking for their business.

SEO today is not what it used to be when we started optimizing websites for search. Search optimization is not strictly about being visible on search engines like Google and Bing anymore. Internet users have changed their habits. Depending on which services or products your business offers, appearing on websites like Yelp or Facebook can be just as interesting as ranking at the top off Google Search results.

Your online reputation is also becoming extremely important.If you get too many poor reviews on your Google My Business Page or Yelp account, ranking first on every search term can become a liability. Modern SEO is not just about being findable on Google;it is about making sure that your business is visible in a positive light wherever internet users will look for your products and services.

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Our Search Engine Optimization Strategy

If we had to sum up our SEO strategy, we would say that it is centered around 5 main principles: Targeted Keywords, Web Design, Marketing Content, Speed and Mobile Friendly, E reputation, and Security. Adhering to these principles will make sure that internet users are able to find your business when they need it no matter where they look for it on the internet.

Targeted Keywords

Targeting the right keywords is the start of any good SEO strategy. We will need to analyze your business, consumers, and competition. No matter which search engine consumer use to look for your business, keywords will be extremely important for your visibility.

When it comes to optimizing your pages, we will help you define your goals and put up a list of the keywords we need to optimize your website. Building an accurate keyword list that focuses your strategy can be quite difficult. Pure Silver Creative has a tested and proven strategy for keyword research.

Web Design

In today’s economy, the first point of contact most consumers will have with your business is the internet. If consumers can’t find your website when they need your product or services, they will go to your competitor with a better website. Did you know that over 40% of consumers will refuse to buy anything from a company that has a poorly designed website? Having an attractive website that appears on search queries is now almost as important as having a good-looking store on a busy street.

Content Creation

One of the great advantages of hiring a marketing agency to handle your SEO is that we will create your content with your marketing needs in mind. Every single page and decision will be fully integrated as part of your marketing strategy whether we designed it or not. We will use the best Search Engine Practices to create impactful content that while also helping you take the lead in search engine results.

Whether you would like us to become your new marketing agency or act just as an outside consultant, we have the resources and experience to help you plan and execute your digital strategy. From gym franchises to small landscaping companies we can help you create the website that will fulfill your needs.

Fast and Responsive

For Pure Silver Creative,“fast and responsive” means two things:

On one hand,“fast and responsive” concerns the websites we build and maintain. How fast a website can load has a significant impact on how it ranks in search results. A website with great content but poor loading times won’t rank high in any search engine results. But if you have a long loading website being at the bottom of search results should be the least of your worries. The majority of internet users won’t even wait for your pages to load. A study made by Google revealed the majority of internet users will not wait for a page to load more than 10 seconds. That means than more than half of your traffic will disappear as a consequence of a slow loading website, negating the effects of ranking on the first page of search engines.

A responsive website is a website that can be browsed on computers as well as on smartphones. It might be a surprise, but today the majority of internet connections are made on smartphones, and by 2025 smartphones; will represent more than three-quarters of connections. In order to reach the majority of today’s consumers, making your website responsive is not an option anymore it is a requirement.

On the other hand,“fast and responsive” is linked to how we work with our clients. After interacting with so many diverse clients, we realized that we needed to develop a better communication system than just emails. Emails can easily be skipped and forgotten, and a simple task like changing store hours takes longer than they need to. Therefore, our developers decided to create a ticket system that is extremely efficient. If you need to change a photo, add a promotion, or change your store hours it can be done very easily by creating a ticket via our proprietary platform.


A lot of Search Engine Agencies use third party companies to house their websites. Meaning that a company you don’t know owns all the data on your website. That company will also be responsible for your website’s security. Unless you require otherwise, we will house your website on our own servers. That means that we will not sell your information to third parties, and we will protect your website from security breaches.

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