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Each year sees the invention of new marketing strategies that businesses can utilize to reach their clientele.

Although the marketing landscape is one characterized by constant evolution, two strategies stand out as withstanding the test of time: text and email marketing.

Text Marketing utilizes the most wide-spread form of direct communication to reach clients and returns an impressive response rate;

Email Marketing boasts the broadest reach and highest ROI for business owners of any marketing strategy available.

Both text and email marketing offer affordable ways for businesses to create and maintain valuable relationships with their customers!



In today’s internet-dependent world, a shining online reputation is vital to the success of any business.

Before making a purchase, most consumers now have the habit of checking online reviews. Over 85% of customers will hesitate to visit, make a purchase, or even call a store with too many negative reviews. A good digital reputation will increase your sales by making your store and products more trustworthy. If a customer is debating between two competitors, reading positive reviews may weigh heavily in your favor.

Good reviews also help your SEO, effort as Google is increasing the importance of reviews in its organic rankings. Expert SEO is achieved when your business’s online visibility is maximized for all the right reasons!


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