What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – SEO – encompasses the best practices to boost your web visibility, both on and off your website. More visibility in search engine result pages will lead to more leads and conversions, unless your products or services stink. Google tries to locate and deliver accurate information and content to their searchers, and it’s all based on the phrase typed into the search bar.

Targeted Keywords

When it comes to optimizing your pages, you need to define your goals and discover the keywords to optimizing for. Building an accurate keyword list that focuses your strategy can be quite difficult. Pure Silver Creative has a tested and proven strategy for keyword research. Keywords target search terms; search terms are what web users use to search the web. Search engines will grab the most relevant results they can crawl based on their searched keyword.


So, how do search engines sort through the overgrowing amount of new web media every day, and how do they manage to verify the information on said pages. Search engines look for links. One thing us humans have in common with search engines is we both like clickbait, and we will click through links to go from page to page.

We Speak Google

Search engines will comb through a site to try to narrow down the idea of what a web page looks like to us, people, but the sadly Google can’t see a page the same way us flesh bond mortals can. Google only sees code. Our eyes see media rich content such as Photos, animations, and Videos. Your website may be pretty, but to google it could be a mess and a mystery and you’ll barely rank on page 10.

Boost Visibility

Any serious business owner has been turning to SEO as a channel to boost the visibility on their products and services. When backed with a landing page content strategy, your results will be even better due to user engagement. The most clicks and the longer the session the most google trusts you as a source for that information. Pure Silver Creative will improve your web visibility by finding more links to put in the bank (good links). The better the link, the more chance you have to direct traffic to your website from other similar websites.