Direct Mail


How Can Direct Mail Help My Business Generate More Sales?

Direct Mail is just one of many grassroot strategies that help business generate interest in the company’s services and products. Pure Silver Creative used direct mail to open the doors to new opportunities for our services and we work carefully to design and implement a strategy that will do the same for you.

Is Direct Mail Effective for All Demographics?

Although direct mail is perceived by some as junk mail—it remains effective in marketing to the large demographic of Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers.

Can Direct Mail Be Used by Companies in All Industries and Business Sectors?

Absolutely. But to realize a solid ROI--it is important to have a well-designed mailer that is “on-brand” with a inviting call to action and a measurable response.

Pure Silver Creative Deploys Both Digital & Grassroots Marketing —Why Do Promote Direct Mail?

We believe strongly in omni-channel marketing. There is and never will be a one-size-fits-all approach that works for every business. There is so much digital clutter these days—that direct mail puts an offer into the hands of a consumer or business. Though we do promote the use of digital advertising—Direct Mail is just a great way to provide opportunities that may be missed through digital channels.

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