Grass Roots Local Marketing

Grassroots marketing, otherwise known as guerilla marketing, is used effectively by many businesses (and political parties). Instead of getting a message or offer directly into the hands of many people, grassroots marketing targets a small group with the hope/expectation that the message will spread to a much larger audience.

Spread The Word

Pure Silver Creative can help get your message heard so others can spread it! Grassroots marketing works best when you think outside-the-box and come up with creative ways to get your message out. That's where we can help!

Work The Magic

If you have a great offer, word will spread. Give people a reason to spread the word, and it will spread even faster. We can help you implement loyalty or rewards programs that will help your business grow.

Grow At The Local Level

There are some tried-and-true basics that will ensure success at the local level:
  • Support Your Community
  • Know Your Consumers
  • Become The Brand Everyone Knows
  • Reward Those Who Help You