Is SMS Part of Your Marketing Mix?


Text Marketing is the most affordable marketing channel that a business can deploy to reach a staggering percentage of customers and return an impressive response rate. It is staggering to consider that

SMS will deliver between a 90-98% open rate when using clear and concise messages. We know that a well constructed Text Campaign will engage the customer and can also increase the life time value of a customer by promoting and developing a long term relationships.

Think about this--by having a customer OPT-IN to your text campaigns screams to a business that this customer is interested and wants to hear from me.

Working with Twilio enabled our internal Development Team to build a customizable SMS Channel that has provided our customers with enormous flexibility and a high ROI.
John Armatas-President Pure Silver Creative


  • Send all texts from a local phone number so your customer knows they are shopping locally.

  • Provides a scheduling tool so you can send message whenever you want.

  • Open and conversion data sent to you after each send including open rates and delivery reports

  • MMS and SMS Capabilities

  • Use our proprietary software ‘CIARA’ to manage your text program from anywhere in the world or have us do it for you.

Direct and Immediate

Text marketing gives you direct and immediate access to your customers. When the phone 'dings' announcing the arrival of a text message, how many people don't even glance at the phone to see what it is? Not many. Text marketing is powerful.

High Conversion Rate

Because text messages are instantly read, they have a high conversion rate. Text messages are the most effective way to get an offer in front of an existing customer.