Reputation Management

You can't avoid it. Sooner or later, someone will have an experience that results in a poor review being posted online.

Our Reputation Management service monitors all review sources and ensures that every review gets a response...yes, even the unpleasant ones.

Your Local Reputation Management Matters

If you don’t believe that your customers are looking up your online search results, checking for positive content and positive online reputation before visiting your business—you have been living under a rock. I am not suggesting that you have not experienced plenty in your life—but understanding the digital tendencies of today’s consumers may be hurting your business and you may be totally oblivious to recent trends that show that over 80% of consumers hesitate to visit, make a purchase of products and services, or call you for service if you have negative content, like negative reviews on social networks, or negative press releases. Here is Pure Silver Creatives reputation management strategy.

The Good

Google and Facebook sit atop of the hill when it comes to online reviews sites. Pure Silver Creative monitors small business brand reputation on sites like YELP and TripAdvisor are also in the game—but when a customer who has experienced an unpleasant encounter with you or your brand wants to really hurt you they will use Google or Facebook. The breadth and depth of the lingering conversation in social media can really pack a punch. The good news is that if you can manage just these two platforms with steadfast consistency you can manage much of your online reputation.

The Bad

The challenges of responding quickly to reviews and managing the conversation will be present regardless If you are a multi-location business or if you are a single location operator. The former requires that you are aware of what is happening on the local landscape and what your franchisees or managers are doing and determining who has the responsibility for reputation management and assigning who is to respond. For a single location operator–the challenge is the similar—as you will be wearing lots of hats and this will be another facet of operating your location. First step is to ensure that all of those listings are owned by you and ensure you will be notified when a new review has been placed.

The Ugly

Responding to good reviews is just as important as responding to poor ones. Responding to a positive review is pretty simple. Thank them for taking the time and move on. The issue is having someone who is not trained in review management response defend the business online and start a review pen-pal relationship on social media. Ignoring a poor review is even worse. This is not a “one size fits all” approach. Responses should not be canned or appear to be a “bot” type of reply. For bad reviews you need to ensure that you:

Don’t take it personal

Keep calm. Don’t go with your first instincts.
Put thought into your review and ensure that each is unique and not canned
Take the responsibility for what the customer/client has experienced. Everyone is entitled to share from there point of view. Remember—there is NO WINNER in an argument.

If you can take the conversation off line do so. Have a dedicated email address (don’t use your personal email) that the customer can email directly.
Follow up with the customer and determine if you or your staff were able to resolve the issue. It is human nature—but sometimes people just need to be heard and listened to.

With the growing impact that online reviews are having for local business that rely on local search—having a plan is important. As a business owner you should be supportive of customers/clients providing reviews. Yes—you want good ones but the negative ones can also help you if you are really listening. There is a growing consensus of SEO experts that online reviews are playing an important role in local organic rankings. Don’t get left out.


The majority of the time, we are able to respond to reviews, positive and negative, without having to gather additional input. But, when the situation warrants, we will reach out to learn the background of a particular situation. Getting back to us quickly with the needed information ensures a timely response to the review; and potentially saves a customer from leaving for good.


Don't respond on your own. Often, the managers and staff at a location have an emotional stake in receiving a poor review. The natural instinct is to respond...spelling out all the the world can see they were in-the-right. That often draws further fire from the original review poster which is only more dirty laundry for the next potential customer to see.

Impact of Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can impact your business in several ways.

  • Lowers Your Google Rating
  • Harms Your Reputation
  • Hard To Fix Once They Happen