Email Marketing

Year by year, marketing strategies keep growing. SEO, SEM, Video Marketing, Funnel Conversion, Social Media Marketing, Text Marketing, and even Wifi Marketing are now part of the arsenal for a mutli-channel marketing strategy!

But one category has never been retired and remains over time: Email Marketing

For 10+ years in a row, email marketing is generating the highest ROI for business owners. For every dollar spent, email marketing is said to generate $30+ in ROI while delivering the broadest reach of all marketing channels available. Despite the large abundance of tools out there, email marketing is key and the best bet for your business.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the use of email to draw attention to your products and/or services. A more accurate definition of email marketing is developing relationships with potential customers and/or clients through email. Email marketing is one piece of digital marketing which can improve the performance of other online marketing strategies, like funnel conversion, and remarketing. Email marketing is very much like direct mail, except it is instant, trackable, measurable, and more customizable.


The personalization of email marketing goes beyond adding someone's first name to an email. It considers factors like past purchases, location, and browsing habits to generate emails with powerful calls to action that will generate more sales!

Drip To Success

Using drip campaigns can keep your brand in front of the potential client's eye until they are ready to engage. Scheduled email campaigns allow you to gradually augment your offer until the customer can no longer resist!

When To Use Email Marketing

To put it simply, right now! It’s quite easy! You can even experiment with marketing messages and styles across different portions of your contact list, so you can fine tune your designs and offers to find the greatest possible results.

Generate Leads

  • Drive potential customers to a specially designed landing page on your website. Offer a download for a white paper, a demo, or some other type of offer to further inform them.
  • Capture basic information and follow up with drip campaigns or some other form of contact a few days to a week later.

Amplify Sales

  • Entice your web visitors to click to your website to learn and/or buy products or services in the spotlight.

Brand Awareness

  • Keep in touch with potential customers and/or clients.
  • Send valuable info that will make your potential customers want to actually read your messages and visit your website.
  • Keep them updated about your business, your special offers, etc. but focus on creating stellar content and clear information rather than closing more sales.