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Beginners Guide Series: Understanding Google Analytics

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Google Analytics, a free web analytics service, provides expert tools for marketing and SEO purposes. It is available to anyone with a Google account and a functional website looking to acquire user data with the help of page tags inserted into each page code. These tags run in your visitor’s browsers to collect visitor information, transferring it to Google’s data collection servers. 

The Google Analytics platform then generates customizable reports to track visitors, bounce rates, average sessions, new sessions, page views, goal completion, etc. Ultimately, the analysis helps you learn how your visitors engage with your online entity to work on improving the website traffic. 

The platform is powerful, user-friendly, offers valuable insights, and provides basic and comprehensive tools to advance your visitor research game and enhance website performance. However, the drawback is since this free tracking tool relies on cookies, it stands ineffective with users that disable cookies altogether. Ad filtering tools, specific browser extensions, and private networks can affect data accuracy. 

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